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When you repeatedly follow or contact someone else against their wish, South Carolina law will consider this stalking. Stalking or sexual harassment mostly occurs before, during, or after a relationship.

While the accused may only be showing affection or care, charges against sexual harassment and stalking may have serious legal consequences. Sometimes, you may only end up with a restraining order barring you from getting close to the victim.

If you’re charged with sexual harassment and stalking, you need an experienced criminal defense stalking lawyer by your side. Johnson, Johnson, Whittle, Lancer and Staggs in Aiken work with highly trained and experienced lawyers who understand the magnitude of your case.

Aiken sexual harassment and stalking lawyer will help you understand your rights and work on possible defenses to prove your innocence.

What is Sexual Harassment and Stalking?

Sexual harassment refers to the use of inappropriate communication, conduct, or behavior against the victim. This may create an embarrassing, degrading, and harassing environment for the victim. It can take the form of messaging via text online or physical contact and inappropriate touching.

Stalking, on the other hand, involves intrusion of personal privacy by following or digging out private information. Both stalking and sexual harassment can cause emotional trauma to the victim, making them live in fear.

For a behavior to be considered sexual harassment or stalking, it must constitute the following:

  • Creating and sharing sexual materials online
  • Creating or sharing sexual materials with intent to incite or start gender-based violence
  • Showing sexual organs to another person or sharing in public online places
  • Repeated contact using sexual materials with another person or in the digital space
  • Making unwanted sexual remarks
  • Making unsolicited sexual noises such as catcalling, sexual grunting, or moaning

Stalking behaviors constitute the following behaviors:

  • Intrusive, unwanted, and repetitive communication through phone calls, texts, email, or through social media
  • Laying wait on another person in their home, workplace, school, places they frequent
  • Making false information or accusations of another person online
  • Threatening and damaging someone’s property
  • Accessing personal and private information about someone and sharing it with the public.

Punishment for sexual harassment and stalking vary depending on the severity of the case. They can be categorized as a gross misdemeanor or a felony.

What Are the Types of Charges for Sexual Harassment and Stalking?

Stalking and harassment happen in a wide range of unwarranted behaviors. Common types include:

Workplace harassment

Workplace harassment happens in the professional setup. It can take the form of sexual advances or behaviors that make the other person uncomfortable. The type of harassment can come from coworkers, bosses, or clients.

Physical stalking

This involves following or waiting on another person where they live, work, or places they frequent. It can also involve making threats that instill fear in the victim.

Online harassment

This is also known as cyberstalking, which involves making repetitive online contact via different online mediums such as social media. It can also involve digging into the private information of the victim and sharing it online with the intent to shame them.

What Are Potential Consequences of Sexual Harassment or Stalking Conviction?

According to South Carolina law, sexual harassment and stalking convictions depend on the severity of the offense. Second-degree harassment charges are usually the least, while stalking punishment is the most severe.

Restraining orders

Victims can file restraining orders against their stalkers or those engaged in first and second-degree harassment. Restraining orders bar the offender from contacting or going near the victim. To get the restraining order, victims need to file a complaint at a magistrate court with evidence showing stalking or harassment.


If you’re found guilty of stalking someone, you’ll have to pay a certain fine amount, depending on the severity of the case.

Legal restrictions

Harassment charges may be considered a misdemeanor or a felony. While both have serious consequences on your life in general, a felony is considered more serious and damaging.

Impact on personal and professional life

Misdemeanor or felony convictions leave you with a criminal record that may impact your social and professional life for a long time. The charges in your record might make it hard to find a job or a place to live. It may also limit your social interactions as other people may see you as a threat.

What Are Common Defenses Against Sexual Harassment and Stalking Charges?

It’s common for victims to lie about stalking and sexual harassment just to retaliate against the accused for personal disagreements. Regardless of whether you’re guilty or not, it’s important to come up with an appropriate defense.

Some common defenses against sexual harassment and stalking charges include:

  • Challenging evidence: Your Aiken sexual harassment lawyer will work with you to dispute the evidence presented by the accuser. If they fail to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you harassed them, the case will be in your favor.
  • Disputing intent: You might argue that your intention meant no harm to the victim. The victim might have misinterpreted your actions, leading to the filing of charges.
  • Lack of involvement: It might be a case of mistaken identity where the victim confuses you to another person.

To come up with an appropriate defense against sexual harassment and stalking charges, it’s important to understand South Carolina law.

Is it Possible to Have Sexual Harassment/Stalking Charges Reduced or Dismissed?

Sexual harassment and stalking charges can be dropped or dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence. If you can work with your stalking lawyer to dismiss the evidence presented, you have a better chance of getting the charges dropped.

Proving your innocence or lack of intent to cause harm can also get the charges against you dismissed. The victim can also decide to drop the charges against you, leaving the prosecution with no witnesses to continue with the case.

If you’re unable to get the case dismissed or dropped, you can work with your Aiken sexual harassment lawyer to get an alternative to legal penalties. This may include paying damages to the victim, permanently staying away from the victim, or offering community service.

What Should You Do If You’re Facing Sexual Harassment and Stalking Charges?

When facing sexual harassment and stalking charges, it’s important to take your time to understand the legal implications. Understanding your rights and coming up with possible defenses as soon as possible will increase your chances of winning.

However, proving your innocence all by yourself might be an uphill task, especially if the other party has legal representation. It’s important to hire an Aiken sexual harassment lawyer to help you come up with a strong defense. Ensure you work closely with your defense attorney and maintain open lines of communication.

Remember not to interact with the victim in any way, either by yourself or through a third party. Let your lawyer handle all the legal work.

Why Choose Johnson, Johnson, Whittle, Lancer, and Staggs in Aiken for Your Defense?

Compassionate Expertise in Sexual Harassment and Stalking Defense

If you’re accused of sexual harassment and stalking, be rest assured that our stalking lawyers will not judge you. At JJWLS, we understand that you might be innocent of the charges. We offer compassionate representation with our lawyers, who are always seeking to understand your emotional state and offering shoulders to lean on.

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Get in Touch with Your Aiken Sexual Harassment & Stalking Lawyer

Harassment and stalking charges may seem less serious from a shallow point of view. However, a simple mistake on your side can cause you to face a conviction, which can include paying hefty fines or facing jail term.

Getting an Aiken sexual harassment lawyer who understands your rights is crucial. At Johnson, Johnson, Whittle, Lancer and Staggs in Aiken, we understand the magnitude of sexual harassment and stalking charges and the impact this can have on your life.

We work with you every step of the way to protect your rights, prove your innocence, and have the case dropped/dismissed. Contact us today and let our stalking lawyers take the case.